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Being a Heartpreneur has its ups and downs, but you don't have to go it alone. Together we can reach more people and increase our impact on the World while receiving in abundant exchange for the transformation we provide.

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A new generation of leaders are here to support the planet as we evolve into higher frequencies of reality.

Reach More People

There are millions of people who need what you have to share. Isn't it time to reach them?

A Bliss Biz

Work when you want, from where you want, for people who love it. Grow or start your Bliss Biz.


All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Coaching Business

Whatever niche your serve or the problem you solve, it can be complimented through Assisting Frequencies. Now your students will also be able to leverage the precise resonance required for them to achieve whatever you're helping them with: health, purpose, relationships, abundance, etc. Don't have a Bliss Biz yet? You can make a commission offering my robust and life-changing programs and you don't even have to teach them!

Let's face it...

Not all of us were born with the ability to create web pages, complex funnels, optimize SEO, write engaging copy, host online events that convert people into paying clients. Okay, most of us weren't. But that shouldn't stop you from delivering your gifts to the world, in fact, if it did that would be tragic. When you become an Assisting Frequency Consultant, you unlock powerful done-for-you marketing which will help you attract and attain more students. Filling your programs alongside mine brings depth and professionalism to your brand. Whether you're scaling up or just beginning.

A message from Anahata

Now is the time that we join hands together and BE the change we seek. The world needs us, and the transformation you bring. Whether you have 8 certifications or zero, totally clear on your niche or haven't even started, you are encouraged to apply. 


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You'll be redirected to a download page. All applicants are welcomed, but not all will be selected. If chosen, you will have a Discovery Session with Anahata to determine if this partnership is mutually exciting.

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