When the seeds you plant begin to bloom, you want to share that with others so that they can sip on the sweet nectar that you've found. Alchemical.Academy is the manifestation of a decade long journey of discovery and empowerment. With dozens of Mentors now sharing their magic, we are growing exponentially. We are, more together.

Out of darkness and distraction into clarity and freedom, you are on a path of asking that has been answered, in part, by this beautiful sharing. Keep going! We are so glad that you are here with us.


I'm Anahata Holly Hallowell

I've brought together my favorite Masterclasses from my personal journey as a best-selling Author and I am now joining hands with dozens of Mentors around the world to bring you a collective portal of transformation. 

I'm living a life I absolutely adore and want that for everyone. We’ll show you how to rewrite outdated programs keeping you small or just unhappy, and joyfully shift into your full potential as the Divine Creator you are!

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My Story

2014 was a rough year. I was laid off, forced to transfer the patent on my invention to a crooked partner, and behind on my mortgage. But it wasn’t all gloom, I had given birth to my best friend who was now just 4 years old and all I wanted to do was to be with her. Returning to Corporate America wasn’t an option. I knew that I wanted to work for myself but couldn’t see above the distraction of chaos and lack by myself. I knew that I needed to surrender.

I felt frustrated and helpless, but I had worked too hard to let my dreams slip away. As a triple Pisces (sun, moon, and mercury) my intuition guided me towards Alchemy and Energy Medicine. After receiving a Divine Download that birthed the Anahata Codes, the petals of my purpose were opening.  After years of using the Codes and teaching others to heal, recover, and thrive, I remembered a past life as a Muan Waterbender which revealed my best-selling book: Light Memory, An Alchemist's Guide to Waterbending. Now I empower others on their journey to conscious creation through working with the Laws of the Universe rather than against them.

"I can't believe all the work you have put into this! I have been a student and teacher of metaphysics for many years and have used many systems. I feel what you have here is pure gold."

- Alchemical Academy Student

"The possibilities these classes opened up for healing our world are limitless."

- Alchemical Academy Student

"I've had a lot of mentors in my life. But you are by far the best, Anahata."

- Alchemical Academy Student

Why I Created the Alchemical Academy

In our physical world it can be easy to disregard the unseen flow of energy and information which makes up the vast majority of our planet.  

Once I realized the innate power we each have to create the lives we want to live, I knew that the methods I used could help others like me who wanted the same but didn’t understand the depths of their power as a Creator. So I made it my mission to help as many people as possible unlock their inner wisdom and become Soul Authors of their lives. In doing so, we elevate the entire planet and create timelines of consciousness that serve the greater good and expansion.

Coming Soon... Meet the Mentors!

Meet the Mentors that are joining me inside the Alchemical Academy as we honor their gifts and offer up their magic to you!


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