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Listen to the Pineal Gland Activation as I explain...

  • The mystical and practical magnificence of the Pineal Gland and why you'd want to optimize it
  • Water Science and the revolutionary way to upgrade your DNA and manifest anything you desire
  • The potential you have to activate your Pineal Gland using Waterbending!
  • Plus! The last 20-minutes of this workshop is a guided Pineal Gland Activation!
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Now that you understand the importance of an optimized Pineal Gland and how to leverage Water Science to activate it, it's time to train up as the Alchemist you are.

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  • The ability to create limitless frequency recipes for limitless desires (health, wealth, relationship, purpose, business)

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The first 50 students to place their order will also unlock a week's worth of Rainbow Tribe content (only available in my 12-month program). It includes a Quantum Motivation session, a Mega-Morphosis Journey to receive messages from your future self, a Code Quest, and a Well Water transfusion.

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