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Are you ready to catapult your entrepreneurial journey to staggering new heights? The 3-day Bliss Biz Bootcamp is a game-changer for so many, but now, you can unlock the door to even more profound success and transformation.

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What’s Inside the VIP Access?

Exclusive Resource Hub & App:

Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of knowledge and tools. From replays of all 3 valuable lessons to a comprehensive workbook filled with resources and journaling opportunities, we’ve left no stone unturned. This is your fast track to marketing mastery and explosive business growth.

Personalized Feedback:

The 3-day bootcamp helps you make a quantum leap in your business, bypassing years of struggle. Receive tailored advice, constructive feedback, and actionable strategies that will propel your business forward. The ability to add comments and ask questions in the Resource Hub means you are never alone on this journey.

Virtual Assistant Overlay:

Embrace the future with AI technology. Learn how to work smarter, not harder, as we guide you through cutting-edge “prompts” that allow your Virtual Assistant to do the heavy lifting. This is an advantage like you’ve never experienced before, putting you leagues ahead of the competition. What used to take days can now take minutes, without sacrificing your authentic voice or brand.

Unlocking Unprecedented Value: A Journey Worth thousands $$$!

Have you ever wondered about the true value of transformation? Dive deep, do your research, and you’ll find that programs as immersive and comprehensive as this, geared towards catapulting your Bliss Biz into the realms of six, even seven figures, often come with a hefty price tag. The VIP Access to our 3-day Bliss Biz Bootcamp, however, is presented to you at an offering that’s nothing short of a steal.

You might ask, “Why such generosity?” The answer lies in my own journey as a Heartpreneur, navigating through the very challenges you may face today. I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve felt the surge of passion and the sting of hesitation, overwhelm, and defeat. I also understand the immeasurable value you can bring to this world, IF, and only if, you take the bold step to get your shit together and finally launch.

The tragic reality is that too many heart-led dreams remain just that - dreams. They are full recipes of potential laid out before a starving world, yet they remain unbaked, unshared. This, to me, is an unbearable thought. We cannot afford to let dreams wither; the world is in dire need of your unique magic... NOW.

It's my mission to ignite a fire within you, to break the chains of doubt and inaction. Why? Because it’s crucial that you do what you love, creating ripples of positive change for those who crave it. The vibrational shift this creates has the power to bring forth a wave of transformation across our planet.

I’m here to stand by you, to guide you, and to witness as you transform your passion into impact. This is more than a business endeavor; it’s a call to action for the heart-led revolutionaries of our time.

With all my heart and belief in yours,

Holly Hallowell

Best-Selling Author, Founder of Alchemical Academy, and your Soulful Success Accelerator Sherpa




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