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Quantum Applications of The Frequency Wand

A mind-blowing series that increases your results exponentially. 

What you'll get:

Class One: Wanding Body  

  • Resonance and how it affects the physical body
  • Your physical grid and the feeding components (mental and emotional)
  • Chakras/Meridians/Nadis and The Frequency Wand (Terahertz plus moxa)
  • Adding energy via the Wand/ Removing energy via the Wand
  • Distant Wanding
  • Affirmations/ Sounds/ Music 

Class Two: Wanding Water

  • The symphony of the body
  • Constructive vs. destructive wave “interference”
  • Water Science & Wellness (Water is LIFE)
  • Blessed Water vs. Terahertz Water
  • Shelf-life and Stability of Structured Water
  • “Seeing is believing”: Hydroglyphs
  • Wanding Water Distantly
  • Water and Manifestation
  • Optimizing thought and emotional fields
  • Placing structured Water (body/charkas/room)

Class Three: Wanding Grids

  • Hermetic philosophy (as above, so below)
  • Divine Mapping, Blueprint
  • The fabric of time, past, future applications
  • Healing history/ ancestral lines
  • Harmonics and gridwork
  • Earth Wanding (ley lines/vortex and feng shui)
  • Physical projection onto the Gaia Grid
  • Water gridding, Crystal applications, Sacred Geometry
  • IONshield

Class Four: Wanding Points & Moxa

  • MOXA (what it is and how it works through the Wand)
  • Acupressure
    • SUJOK - how to reach all parts of the body through your hand
    • Technology & Acupressure + Wand = Extraordinary new way to support yourself and the planet!

The robust member center houses all the courses for you to attend live or in replay. The Kajabi App makes it easy for you to track your progress.

PLEASE NOTE, THE FREUQENCY WAND IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE SERIES. To buy the Wand, ask the person who first told you about it for the link to order.