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Grid4Gaia Masterclass Series

Here are some of the topics covered during the 5-week Grid4Gaia Masterclass Series. Your purchase gives you access to all these teachings plus the various archives of older versions of this ever-expanding course series that you'll automatically have access to.

The Grid4Gaia Master Series includes the following topics and more as we continue to expand:

  • The Lies We’ve Believed and Cycled for Centuries

  • Shadow Integration & Block Removal

  • Ancient lies and manipulation (history and inner workings)

  • Fear Tactics and the Truth they don’t want you to know

  • How beliefs co-create our reality… and what to do about it!

  • Shadow Integration and Block/Brainwashing Removal

  • How to co-create the life you want vs. your fears

  • How you can assist others in co-creating their reality using Grid Alchemy

  • Grid Dynamics: Earth Energy, Ley Lines & Vortexes

  • How to leverage Ancient technology via Earth Energy Grids and Ley Lines

  • The difference between Earth Energy, Lay Lines, Vortexes and Portals

  • Sacred Geometry and optimal flow (tree of life, seed of life, and more)

  • Earth Acupuncture (activating Assisting Frequencies for highest good)

  • Emotions = Water and why that matters

  • Working with Elementals for tandem gridwork

  • Applying Anahata Codes to Grid Work (Grid Alchemy)

  • How to find the codes which an area or space needs

  • How to make them available for those in the area to activate

  • Working with Sacred Geometry to amplify intention and access

  • Working with Codes to activate Grid systems and counteract malicious manipulation

  • Working with crystals to seed physically and remove geopathic stresses, density and provide support which can be updated remotely as needed

  • Earth Acupuncture and Feng Shui applications

  • LIVE Grid Work & Coaching

  • Tying it all together through practice and implementation

  • Bring your purposes and regions of intentions to restore and let’s work as a collective

  • A guided Carry & Projection Ceremony will also take place during this session to deepen your understanding of applying the information presented in previous weeks

  • Mentoring and Tribe Building

  • Q&A and laser coaching of all concepts presented during the series

You can dive in now on demand and attend LIVE upgrades as this information continues to expand.