$388.00 USD

Playing the Visionary


What you'll receive:

This series comprises both ON-DEMAND and LIVE components:

  • Phase One: Visionary Garments (Be it!) - Transform your self-image.
    To experience the new you, you'll need to change. This portion of the program will instill within you a new way of BEING. As garments that you can "wear," you can rewrite anything you want and BECOME the Visionary you're destined to be.

  • Phase Two: Scripts (How to implement your Vision) - The How To Implement your vision nuts and bolts.
    It's all fine and dandy to be the person vibrationally, but HOW will you implement the steps needed and execute a plan that gets you there? This phase will walk you through all the 3D logistics (step-by-step) both the macro and the micro logistics.

  • Phase Three: Jewels (Assisting Frequencies) - Adorn yourself with the harmonious essence of a Visionary.
    Elixirs and journies to embody your Vision will be delivered during this phase.

  • Phase Four: ONGOING (The Stage) - Practice makes defaults. Implement the things you've been taught and practice them.
    A PRIVATE group (STAGE) that no one can see (except for those enrolled in this program). Use this unique platform to take center stage in your role as VISIONARY and practice, test, and roll out your magic.

  • BONUS: The Code Quests - 22 Quests into the Archetype of Success. Worth the entire investment, these 22 activations have the power to transform everything in your life.

* Enrollment in this program does not guarantee your success as a Visionary. Only you can embody the Vision you see for your future and take the steps. It can not be digested and activated forcefully. While this program provides the script, garments, jewels, and stage for you to perform your life's work, it will be up to you to show up each day and BECOME the Visionary.

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