$5.00 USD

14-Day Fear Detox

A self-guided journey to activate Assisting Frequencies designed to remap the fear defaults that are keeping you from your best life.

What you'll get:

  • A digital copy of the first 14 Days of the book "Fear Detox"
  • 14 Short Lessons (to be consumed at your own pace- daily, or as you desire)
  • 14 Assisting Frequencies and instructions to infuse into Water in order to activate visceral results on a cellular level
  • 14 Supplemental Videos (to further illustrate the power of each day of the journey)
  • An easy to access member center (also available in the App Store) to track your progress

The content in this offer is based on the book 21-Day Fear Detox by Holly Hallowell. The supplemental videos that you'll have access to are not available in the printed book and bring an entirely new perspective to the powerful nature of each lesson.