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You were made to touch people's lives and improve the planet as you receive in abundant exchange for the gifts you bring.
Join Anahata in this one-of-a-kind mentorship program.

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Listen to The Get Paid to Write Your Bestseller video as I explain...

  • The amazing opportunity you have to get paid to write your bestseller, fill your courses, and build momentum.
  • Implement proven tactics to soar past your resistance: Ask, Align, Allow, Activate!
  • Advanced strategies to achieve massive growth, FAST... 
  • Zoom out to the clear picture of how to create raving fans who can't wait to enroll in your programs and purchase your bestselling book.
  • Use the book to open doors into explosive exposure as you reach more people and build your movement.
  • So much more! I share with you all the support you'll receive inside of the workshop replay (above).
  • If you really want to set goals and get it all done, it will take finding a mentor, joining a tribe, and actually doing it.
Yes! Let's do this.

You've got so much to share with the world.

When you can zoom out to your Especially Pure Magic, simplify it for the masses, create deeper and deeper engagement as your body of work unfolds, you're able to work smarter, not harder. And your growth potential has no end.

You can go it alone and hope what you do works, or you can invest in one program that delivers it all.

  • From messaging and niche clarification
  • To course structure and delivery
  • From book content and logistics
  • To PR and radio appearances

This mentorship package has it all. Watch the Get Paid to Write Your Bestseller Workshop and jump in before the price goes up.

The first 10 students to enroll will receive a signed copy of Anahata's recent bestseller: Light Memory An Alchemist's Guide to Waterbending.

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