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The Success Equation: Chapter 3 Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

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The Success Equation Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

                When the s-h-you-know-what hits the fan, we should celebrate. You heard that right, our trials and tribulations are the fodder for the desire that is critical to reach our goals. It could even be the reason for defining them in the first place. The trouble being, rather than seeing them as helpful clues as to our unalignment with our goals so that we can adjust the course, we tend to hyper-focus on the way it makes us feel (not so good!). If only we could see past the temporary hurt, frustration, and pain and into the information being conveyed through our mishap. Your challenges are unprocessed gold that can pave the way to success if only you take action using your amazing mind.
                 It hasn’t been long since we’ve ventured to understand the human psyche and how the brain functions. It’s a vast frontier with most of us having no clue as to the supercomputers we’ve been given as gifts from Creator. When we examine the basic principles of computing, we can see the same components within our own anatomy. You can think of your brain as a goal striving device, one in which you worked on prior to incarnating. You encoded certain goals into your field and crafted your basic avatar. The experiences you wanted in order to expand, encoded before you arrived. Your birth assets (we call this your Natal Chart and personal Astrology) plus your programming laid the groundwork for your experience in this simulation called life.
                 While animals lack the comprehension to get past their physical survival and innate instincts, humans have a farther-reaching ability to create well beyond procreation and into the essence of a creative life. The success instinct we can witness in animals and the encoding in nature is nothing short of proof that there is a higher order and plan for all creatures great and small. How else can you explain the migratory paths of butterflies? They aren’t trained and don’t learn the course, they have an internal map of where to go. It is the same for all animals; a basic instinct of survival that is activated automatically, not consciously.
                 Humans have the gift of Creative Imagination that opens us up to anything we can think of rather than just moving along with the herd. That is until we are met with fear or are just trying to survive, then we think only from our frontal lobe which is not used for creative thinking. To get out of your “monkey mind” and survival, you first must have your basic needs met. It doesn’t happen when you’re running from a tiger, or consumed by a busy world full of injustice and trauma. This is illustrated well with Maslov’s Hierarchy of needs which neatly shows the relationship between basic instincts of survival all the way up to self-actualization. The overtone of motivation and desire, where you embody and use the faculty which sets you apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is called your Creative Imagination.
                 When you are in fight, flight or frozen mode, an interesting thing happens beyond no longer thinking for yourself and outside the box, you end up feeling isolated and hopeless through the disconnection from your Higher Self which is a genius. When stressed or distracted, it’s like the world is happening to you rather than the truth that it’s happening through you. Fear is a masterful distractor, and great way to invoke obedience and reliance. When you are worried, overwhelmed, concerned, or even just frustrated, you certainly aren’t on a bandwidth to the answers that are outside of your current circumstances of just getting by. One would be wise to detox themselves of their habitual fear-based responses, and I wrote an entire book called Fear Detox, A 21-Day Guided Journey that you may find valuable as a supplement to the content found inside this book.
                 Abundance, connectivity, and growth is your right as a Creator. Anything less than that is stagnation. We can even be convinced that we aren’t talented enough to Creator, forgetting that it is already how we work naturally. We imagine things first, and then either take the steps to realize that vision, or we don’t. Of all higher faculties given to man (imagination, will, intuition, memory, reason, and perception) it can be argued that imagination is the cornerstone key to aligning with your goals. Many authors over time have spoken about this including such greats as Napoleon Hill, and Bob Proctor to name a few. What would happen if we brought conscious awareness to these extraordinary gifts and began to work with them to create the results we wanted in our lives? Alchemical Cybernetics means transmuting the programs associated with our current identities which aren’t in resonance with the results we seek. We can make these edits using the basic elements that make up the entire universe: earth, air, fire, water, and ether. Afterall, those are the only elements which exist and everything you see, taste, touch, feel, and experience are merely varying combinations articulated through frequency and vibration.
                 Our improvement and personal development hinges on our ability to imagine things we can’t experience yet with our senses because you can’t outperform your self-image. When you imagine your futures, you simultaneously pull those dreams to you quite like a GPS that has an end goal as an input and guides you to follow the steps to get there. This goal striving mechanism is already within you. A built-in guidance system that allows you to make edits to the old and remain agile in the now. Where you are in relation to your goals is felt as emotions (good is on track, bad means you’re off). It is helpful to view emotions this way so that you can make the necessary edits and get back on the track to success. You are the captain on your path to your desires as long as you don’t fall into victimhood where you have no power to change. Remembering that you are the Soul Author of your life and quite capable of erasing old story lines while interjecting new desires brings a feeling of confidence and expectation that gives rise to creative thoughts and feelings brought through your imagining and desire alone. You don’t have to know how to get there, if you did, you’d already be where you want to be. You need only visualize (enter the desired destination, experience, or feeling). Then the people, places and things will come as a result of that clarity, focus, and alchemy as you activate a powerful electromagnetic energy vortex.
                 We must zoom out past the psyche or personal vantage and into the knowing that you are already connected to all things. The success equation therefore is simple:

Consciousness and presence + goal and vision + self-image and defaults = success or failure

You must be aware of something and consciously present to have a vision and goal beyond instinct and survival. When you pair that with making edits to your self-image so that you identify with the future you seek, that’s when the magic happens. If you’re not even aware of the things you believe are limitations, you won’t move past them. If you’re working through your self-image proactively, you can take great strides towards your visioned future. You must identify with the version that is a match before it has arrived or only limitations presented through your current reality will be experienced. The evidence is quite convincing as we continue to identify with our reality (it’s real after all!) and build boundaries to our success through the evidence of our “failures” and current circumstances.
                 The gift of “not there yet” should be treated as one! Obstacles are the alert that something within your identity isn’t believing that you can get to where you want to go, usually this is subconscious. But there are gifts in your mess; gold to be minded through your setbacks. Oysters only create pearls when they encounter issues. Sand comes in and they build layers around the intruder to protect themselves. A pearl is formed through trials and results in great jewels of triumph. And, because we have Divine GPS systems built into our potential grid, that were set up before we arrived here in these bodies, we have a natural navigation system beyond our knowing. We don’t have the answers, we must extend past our limited selves and let our Creative Mechanism tell us where to go that we haven’t yet been.

Alchemical Activation #3

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