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Tapping into the Wavelength of the Answer: Ch4 Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

emotional feedback epigenetics failure goals intuition negative feedback Jul 12, 2023
Tapping into the Wavelength of the Answer: Ch4 Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

                A missile will not hit the target if a goal isn’t set. And, even when the target is established, it will take a series of adjustments before it does so successfully. These adjustments aren’t made bitterly once it is determined that the current path is somehow “off”. No, a missile cares not about the mishaps along the way, it merely adjusts its course and never gives up, it has no memory of being upset or let down. It does however, have “senses” which alert it to the current conditions surrounding the mission (such as wind speed and velocity to name a few) but unlike humans on a path to a goal, it does not take failure personally. Neither negative or positive feedback deters the missile from moving forward. In fact, negative feedback is of great value in steering it back to the path of its mission. You could say, the very thing that gets it there is the zig-zag of “slightly off” in order to hone in on the target.  Errors are part of the process for the torpedo to tweak its course until the desired destination is precisely reached. It can be the same for our desires and the journey to attainment of our success, if we let them.

                It’s natural for us to want things; we are programmed to seek pleasure not pain and are continually seeking to improve our conditions, abilities, and our state of mind. It’s not always apparent how to get there which means to go the distance we must endure the zig-zag of “failure” without stopping when we encounter negative feedback. We must not be discouraged. We start out courageous and somewhere along the windy path of “not quite there and in need of tweaking,” we perceive of the negative feedback as “bad” rather than merely steering us in the direction of our definite chief aim. Once we have a vision in mind, and are onboard with the burning desire to achieve it, all we need do is make continual edits as we experience both negative and positive feedback. We must know that we will experience challenges, it is a given. The more we accept this without making the feedback personal, we allow our automated success path to unfold as efficiently as our subconscious will allow. For example, when a Map App tells you that there’s a faster route, you don’t sit their condemning it for suggesting to go another route, quite the contrary, you appreciate the negative feedback that something ahead is blocking the path and that a faster option has now emerged.  

                Just like the destination we lock into on our map App, once we set a goal, there is an element of automation that takes over. You have already built a database of past experiences to rely upon to get to where you want to go. Those skills you don’t have yet will be disclosed along the way through “negative feedback”. It doesn’t mean it's bad feedback, it just won’t feel good, and we’ll need to be okay with that. A great way to feel okay with it is to view it as a challenge rather than something you must fight to overcome or that is unfortunate. A challenge is something you are excited about for when we attain a new level of skill, we’ve achieved. And, as we build new skills and reach new levels of success, we can file them away to be used during the next mission towards another future goal. We must learn to file the “failed” routes as merely optimization and move on. To stop taking things personally and identifying with the twists and turns. I am not saying we should ignore the bad feelings that we have when we fall short or feel like we’re not enjoying the path to our destination, no, we should honor all our emotions rather than suppress them. When we suppress dense emotions, we set up powerful magnetism and future landmines. Honoring the energy behind your discontent will help you understand why it’s there and how to use it to fuel your fire rather than stamp it out. When you are angry, you are passionate, and that’s very useful. When you are sad, you are processing grief which is also beneficial. We should celebrate them all and let them pass as we shift into the new.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,

some momentary awareness comes

As an unexpected visitor

Be grateful for whoever comes,

because each has been sent

as a guide from beyond.” - Rumi

            If we are going to hardwire our old results, we must be aware of how we are viewing them. They should be productive alerts that don’t interfere with the belief that you will succeed. The more we want out of some current circumstance, the larger our why. It is the underdog that usually rises above with the fuel of circumstance pushing them to desire to win. Like the torpedo, we can forget the failures and simply use them as optimization data and fodder for our determination.

            Suffice it to say that the more you learn, the larger database of possible answers are filed away for future use. This can be both productive and detrimental depending upon how the information was encoded as a memory. Some memories aren’t based on first-hand experiences. We receive and interpret other people’s truths and accept them as our own for the first seven years of our lives. In addition, Epigenetics (a relatively new science which proves memories and emotions are passed down above the genes) encodes us with default alerts meant to keep us safe. Memories you didn’t even have yourself are hardwired and recalled as vibrational feedback both positive and negative. It’s helpful to be skeptical of a lion and your safety when in its presence, but not so much when you’re feeling scared to go on stage for no conscious reason at all. What is at the root of our fear or presumption that we can’t have what we want? Consciousness is the key. It is my truth or someone else's? If your own experience, do you want it to continue to be true? Your brain reconciles it’s beliefs and sifts through external data to prove your believes are true, and you receive more evidence as beliefs gel into reality.

                If all we have to go on is our past experiences, and our goals are things we haven’t yet achieved, the road to somewhere we haven’t yet been can be eluding. A locked in goal that has a clear path to it is wonderful, it’s a sure thing if we follow the steps required, but what about goals that you have no understanding of how you’ll get there? The arrival to a place you haven’t been yet will require a belief that you’ll be guided to it. This route of surrender and trust is much more expansive and filled with awe and wonder than those that we need only check off of a list of things to do. The path can either be forged, or the path can rise to meet you. One need only vision the wish as fulfilled and then trust that the Universe will conspire to bring it to you through that bandwidth of resonance. Not necessarily defining the how, but the why and in doing so, charting a path that will generate the results we seek if we tap in and allow. Recalling things along the way, and pruning out negative feedback as optimization, we can fine tune our approach and enjoy the journey.

                It is so helpful that our brains store memories that are recalled for us to not have to start from scratch each time we decide we want something, but that must be balanced with the realization that we don’t know what we don’t know. If you ask, the answer is already there, if not in the recesses of your own mind, but within the Universal mind, the ALL. Our goal striving mechanism compares all stored memories (both our own, past down, and programmed) and comes up with solutions to connect the dots. The dots don’t have to be isolated to our own mapping or those passed down. When we realize it is not only our own senses, memories, and information previously stored which is accessible, we open up our limitless nature. Afterall, you come from the first spark of Creation and have encoded within you the collective memories of the whole and access to the whole. As Emerson once said, “Ideas are in the air” believing that if he hadn’t caught the bandwidth of certain inventions, that someone else would have. This is why the Patent office often has similar inventions hitting the records within a very short amount of time. It is as if a certain stream of realization is indeed in the air, available for anyone on the same bandwidth as the eureka moment to come to remember it. And that makes absolute sense when you consider the collective vibrational asking that goes on as a species in order to evolve and improve efficiencies for everyone. While we come into this world with our memories wiped in order to Create without boarders or previous definitions, basic memories are needed, some are not going to be expansive, so they will need to be pruned. We cannot grow past our own identities when our energy is consumed by things that aren’t moving us towards our goals. If a weed is consuming the sustenance of a plant, the plant will not grow as large and perhaps not at all. In order to experience the new, we must literally expand past the known. And to have energy to do that, we need to let go of old stories and patterns, even if they are “true.” Only then can we hear the bandwidth of more and align with it.

                You’ll know you’re tapped into more when you receive creative inspiration, intuitive feelings and hunches, or sudden revelations. These are the sparks of movement forward that we should make time for, and we can’t do that when we are distracted or in stress response. When you can quiet the mind and reconnect with the unified field, you will receive answers that you otherwise couldn’t receive when you were focused on the problem (not having the solution). There is no doubt that extra-sensory factors beyond our main senses are at play when it comes to telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. It comes down to reconnecting to various elements of information and energy beyond our own psyche and personal field and tapping into the Quantum domain. In fact, the root of the word healing is “a return to the memory of wholeness.” It does not much matter if you are trying to recall someone’s name or the next hit song, they are already there for you to remember. The only difference is from where? Your own definitions, or the limitless definitions of the Universal mind?

                Nothing can be created nor destroyed, only transmuted. Everything already exists as potential or in physical form. Knowing that something is there makes your journey worth pursuing. If you did not think it was possible, you wouldn’t have been able to imagine it in the first place. When you realize that everything exists now, you can confidently decide to ask and set about aligning with it. The Universe will deliver the path. Little nuggets of inspiration and intuitive hits will be deposited on your path through magnetism and they will answer various questions that need solving for you to move ahead with grace and confidence. Of course, you don’t have to “solve” the problems, you need only get on the bandwidth of the answer.

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