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Life Seeks Life: Chapter 2 Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

accepting what is creative mechanism flip the resistance soul author success path success template Jul 04, 2023
Life Seeks Life Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

                 We are built to succeed. Like attracts like and LIFE therefore seeks more life in order to grow and evolve. Encoded with the raw drive to live, expand, and embody the fullness that this world provides; we are born to succeed. Indeed, within each of use is a Divine blueprint of pure potential that when activated will lead to results. A seedling, if nurtured, will most certainly grow into the plant it was encoded to be. When we connect with this template of success, we are happy, at peaceful, confident, and inspired. The essence of life is always working for our good to insure survival and evolution. What would you do today if you knew that you couldn’t fail?
                 Unfortunately, we take score and also take things personally. In the quest to improve ourselves, we inevitably fall short because it’s a process to work up to success and that process often times shakes our faith in our own abilities which can affect the likelihood of our success. We have all the components of success awaiting activation but we lose sight of attainment through the fog of failure. Failure only occurs when you give up. If you keep moving forward, you will succeed. It is Universal Law. You are an infinite being and if you want something, you will arrive eventually, whether in this lifetime or another.
                 In the scheme of things, it is important to note that we do not need to dig up old experiences and shortcomings, or even traumatic moments in order to set a new chart for achievement in any area of our lives we wish to improve. In fact, it is the previous falling short that sparks within us our very doubt in the first place. Our very definition of “self-improvement” implies that there is something wrong. What if the wrongness we have labelled (or been accused of) could be flipped? What if we could flip the resistance to embodying our success path and use the helpful alerts of falling short as optimization data on what we need to improve upon to get there? This will require being not only okay with change but believing in our own potential for greatness. Are you truly okay with change? Your ego-mind doesn’t like it, even if you’re conscious mind does. Do you believe in your greatness? If you base it on what IS or has been, chances are you aren’t that confident. So we must come to terms with inevitable change and actually look forward to it, while simultaneously believing in our innate greatness.
                 Thankfully, we can rely on our own life instinct that wants to thrive. Yes, we have a built-in life instinct that is seeking homeostasis and expansion. Life seeks life. Your goals, therefore, also seek you. We are built for success and anything less than achieving our goals should be seen as how to do so. We can make edits and keep moving forward. Because that’s just it, the subconscious mind acts like a “servo-mechanism”, an impersonal directive that will use your brain and nervous system to arrive at the goal. Unfortunately, it does not decipher if the goal is a good one or a terrible idea. We come equally programmed with goals that are not positive at all. Unconscious goals are set up through the limits of our self-image and act as a barriers to experiencing more. Through our memories, we define the things we are good at and not good at, our abilities precede us and often stifle any far-reaching dreams that we aren’t identifying with because they simply seem to far-fetched given our track record. We must remember that our consciousness can run our servo-mechanism for success through clearly defined goals. Clarity of vision is key. When we don’t define these goals, our habits and personalities run on default and we get much of the same experiences, never extending past our current abilities or norms.
                 As Soul Authors of our lives, in a time of great awakening, it is critical to your progress and alignment with the future you seek, to clearly define your best life and then set up a creative mechanism for success rather than default limitations or memories of failure. When we can tap into the superconscious self, the part of us that is Divine and omniscient, we can see beyond our current self-image in to the truth that we can embody anything we desire. We are who we are, after all, through a series of programming and decisions based on those inputs that have gotten filed away as personality. We’ve build our current limitations in the same ways we can build successes. When we connect to our goals, we connect in to more life. When we can redefine our shortcoming as opportunities for growth, this is when the freedom to expand beyond what IS and into what could be begins to open like a vast landscape. We are the painters with limitless access to any color we can imagine. Deactivating and recoding any failure templates as clues to our potential. Our Creative Mechanism will automatically seek to achieve our mental images, especially when accepted as part of our self-image. Our thoughts, beliefs and interpretations are the inputs for our success cybernetics.

“The method itself consists of learning, practicing, and experiencing new habits of thinking, imagining, remembering, and acting in order to (1) develop an adequate and realistic self-image, and (2) use your Creative Mechanism to bring success and happiness in achieving particular goals.” – Maxwell Maltz

                 To expand your awareness of what is possible, we need to make use of our memories as successes rather than focusing on our limitations. Learn to remember your wins (no matter how small) and marinate in them rather than dwelling within failures. Energize patterns of success through coherence with clearly defined goals and the desire to reach new levels of ability. This requires being the person you want to be now and not when. Being open to learning new things, practicing those things, and creating new habits. The paint brushes for your Creative Mechanism of success span across timelines in our 3-d reality:

  • Thinking (in the now)
  • Remembering as optimization data (the past)
  • Imagining (the future)

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