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Believing the Mirror: Chapter 1 Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

beliefs goals identity seeing past the mirror self-image the gap Jul 03, 2023
Believing the Mirror Alchemical Cybernetics by Holly Hallowell

                It’s safe to say we’ve forgotten who we truly are because of the very convincing mirror of who the world says we are and what we’ve believed. When we observe and experience outcomes, we internalize them and that perpetually creates a circular feedback loop that supports further action that supports the very condition we observe. We do not get what we ask for, we get what we are vibrating. Distractions are inputs that are continually being observed and internalized at truth. The affirmation of what is then broadcasting more of the same and pulling like scenarios into our fields. There is no “no” in the Universe, only focus.
                 Most of us go around affirming our limitations through the self-image we have built and believed over time. A world renowned pioneer in Mind Control, Jose Silva, describes the difference between an ordinary person and a genius as being very subtle. The only difference is that a Genius uses more of their mind in special ways. When we are focused on the things we identify with, we cut ourselves off from our full potential. To extend beyond our current vantage is to see past the mirror of self, and it is the only way for new to be “allowed” by your ego mind. We must redefine who we are to include our limitlessness or we will be confined to repeating old patterns of limitation. Our brains are helpful computers whose jobs are to reconcile what we think with what we experience; what we have previously defined to be true based on observations and experiences. In order to experience the new, we must redefine what it TRUE for us. We must stop believing only the mirror, and start believing the limitlessness of who we are beyond it.
                 All of who we are being is consistent with our self-image. You cannot outperform your own self-image. Our truth is true and it will continue to be unless we first have a desire to extend past it, believe that it is possible, and then expect it. If we merely desire without alignment, nothing will change. If we desire and believe it can be and yet we don’t expect it, again, we will not reach our new vision and embody our expanded identity. We must expect that our vision will become first, and without evidence from the physical world that it is so, for it is gestating, becoming, not here yet.
                 It would be helpful, therefore, to define what it is you believe as a foundational component to growing beyond your current template of self. Right down your beliefs about yourself, the things you identify with. Perhaps in a format neatly arranged in two columns. One side listing the things we feel that we fall short on, and the other the things we love about our current identity. Knowing, that we are defining the proof of what has been and our desires for where we want to improve. It’s time to stop telling ourselves that the things we want to change are “wrong”, they are more like goals. Let’s build a list of pros and cons from the lens of expansion versus limitations. The things you fall short of are opportunities, not flaws! So don’t spend time validating the shortcoming with further “proof” of why it is the way it is, or why it’s true. That is old thinking. Old identity. We can get skills to improve any circumstance or tendency. Yes – we can change. We can make edits. We need only stop defining ourselves using our current reality as absolute and extend past the mirror into limitlessness. Changing the base changes the extension. This will require being centered in limitless rather than defining our confinement on the edge of what we think is possible given our old circumstances, habits, or outcomes. Stop owning them just because they have been. Change your thinking about the self through letting go. Rather than upgrading the outdated “garment” you wear that is your identity, we can weave a new one that is more attuned to where we want to go and who we want to be and experience.
                 Our ego-ideal will require updating if we want to see past the old and into our full potential, realized. That requires an updated definition. When we are alerted to the things we no longer desire, we are presented with golden optimization data that gives us the ability to shift into more. Limitations are defined through the edge of where we think we can go, which is tied to identity. Desire your growth, believe that you can get there, and then expect it. This is the recipe for success. We can all agree we have deep desires for the way we’d like our lives to be. Desires are not the issue, we form preferences all day long. It’s the next phase of growth that often has us cycling around the same old terrain. Our beliefs need a makeover. Specifically the limiting ones, and we come preloaded with ancestral beliefs, programmed beliefs, and personal beliefs. Things that cut deep and don’t allow us to see past the mirror of what is without somehow feeling we are fooling ourselves. Things like feeling alone, feeling unworthy, feeling like we have no talent, aren’t good enough, that we’ll fail, etc. When we feel helpless or inadequate, we cease to extend. What powerful recoding opportunities to see past our own self-image mirrors! The goal? Feeling good about ourselves. We want to feel GOOD about themselves. Everything else is a distraction. This is the gap that you will never outgrow until you see past that fabric of self into limitlessness. When we can override our beliefs with positive ones aligned with our goals, and then we expect those beliefs as facts before they arrive, then we ignite a powerful vortex that pulls forth from the ether the reconciled truth that we not only can but will reach our goals.

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