Backstage Alchemical Academy:
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Welcome to Backstage Alchemical Academy! A free 5-part series designed to unlock the power of your magnetism.

Are you looking for a change? Want to learn how to tap into your own potential to craft the life you've been dreaming of? You're in the right place. I'm Holly Hallowell, a best-selling author and your guide on this journey of self-discovery.

It is my passion to help you remember how to use practical magic to become the Soul Author of your life.


Unlock Your Inner Alchemist:

Step into the powerful realm of alchemy to master the art of creating, transforming, and magnetizing your deepest desires into your lived reality.

Elevate Your Energetic Blueprint:

Harness higher frequencies, understand alchemy, and realign with your true purpose, ensuring every step you take is infused with intentional magic.

Journey Beyond The Mundane:

Dive deep into ancient wisdom and modern techniques that uplift your everyday experiences, turning seemingly ordinary moments into extraordinary manifestations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your journey through the Alchemical Academy begins when you submit the form with your best email address. As soon as you do, you'll receive email one with the first video, all about The Anahata Codes. Each day for five days, you'll receive another powerful video which unlocks another magical topic. You can relisten to any video as long as you keep the emails, or simply fill out the form again when you want to revisit them. 

What I'll Share With You During the Series:

  • Simple Techniques: Easy steps to start using hidden frequencies for personal growth.
  • Emotional Balance: Tips to work with your emotional field in a way that aligns with your best future. 
  • Brain Insights: Understand how your mind works and the power it has to support your goals.
  • Attraction Basics: Learn how to naturally attract what you want in life using the Laws of the Universe and practical magic (working with Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether).
  • Ancient Wisdom: Explore time-tested tools for modern-day challenges.

Your 5-Day Journey Includes:

  • Day 1: Anahata Codes – An introduction to using Assisting Frequencies to unlease your inner power.
  • Day 2: Waterbending – Working with your inner world via the Water of your body that ripples out into all aspects of your outer world.
  • Day 3: Gridwork – Techniques for setting up Grids of Success and using unseen energy to clear the path towards your dreams. 
  • Day 4: More – Understanding the power your heart has to influence your life and the lives of others, working with terahertz frequency for total wellness, and going on choose your own code adventures as "Quests"
  • Day 5: The Alchemical Academy – Choose the course(s) that fit your desires and your budget.

Plus, Daily Gifts: Each day comes with a gift so that you can implement the techniques found in each day of the series.

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The Backstage Alchemical Academy series includes 5 videos. Each video is between 25 - 30 minutes in length. You can click and play the videos from any device.

You'll unlock the first one immediately and be given access to the remaining videos over the next 5 days.

Once a video has been unlocked, you can go back to it as often as you'd like.

Unlock the 5-day series that has the power to uplevel all aspects of your life.

A world of Assisting Frequencies awaits! You magnetized this information, will you follow your heart and unlock the power of the Alchemical Academy?


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