The "Out of Your Mind" Masterclass

  • Shift past the egoic patterns and defaults that are holding you back
  • Understand the true nature of reality and your important role in it
  • Learn how to shift Out of your Unconscious Mind and reunite with your infinite potential
  • Explore the 12 Power Petals you have awaiting activation inside the Sacred Space of your heart
  • Receive the 6 Creator Keys that unlock any door you desire
  • This 2-hour Masterclass flawlessly weaves in Alchemy, Ayurvedic practices, breathwork, Assisting Frequencies, and Waterbending into one cohesive mapping that can be applied immediately
  • An invitation to a 3-month journey will be offered once you complete the Masterclass

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Unlock the powerful 2-hour Masterclass and receive the 6 Creator Keys that will transform any aspect of your life: health, wealth, love, purpose, fulfillment... it's all here awaiting your activation.

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My Spirit feels as if She was set free to Soar! I am vibrating and tingling all over. I did not know I could feel this whole!! 😍😍




Ohhh myyy goddess!! That was the most profound and expansive session I have done in a long time! Released much. Blissed!




Laughed at the synchronicities, cried at the beauty, amazed at the simple complexity and shook with the tingling of the breathwork...all the effort of prep and laughed with the fool. Bless you Anahata. WOWZERS!



Wow... simply brilliant, amazing, perfect timing!! Now I feel VERY confident that I have the tools and knowledge required to create a life I love.



I heard that "this is the first time you are truly living".





Wow, wow, wow.. that was amazing. I feel amazing and am visualizing the new me on the other side of the full 13-week journey. So grateful to you Anahata for this opportunity.


Today is a new day.

A good day. A day in which you get to choose, in every breath, the magnetism which creates the world you will experience. There is a path to freedom that transcends any landscape you find yourself in… welcome to that path, Master Alchemist. Today is a very good day... you magnetized this free class for a reason.